Comfortable, Easy Dining Experience

Menu – Reykjavik

Fish and chips

Mixed seafood   (salmon+cod+mussel+potato)

Traditional Icelandic fish stew “PLOKKARI”with brown bread and butter

Baked fillet of salmon with local vegetable

Fish burger with lettuce fries and cocktail sauce

Mussel and fries (sweet or regular) with garlic aioli (1 kilo)

Cold Fish sandwich with crab salad and lime

Fillet of cod in bread crumbs with chips

And for those who don’t eat fish we have chicken

Grilled chicken skewers with rise and herb sauce

The very best seafood soup

Mixed local salad everything Icelandic with blue berry vinaigrette

Oven baked   vegetable (carrot and beet root)

Children fish and chips





Tartar sauce

Honey mustard-tarragon

Hot chili mayo


Rotten shark

Dried fish



Rhubarb cheesecake

Skyr with crowberry

Chocolate cake

Cake of the day